Phila Primus


A key element of my method is the use of printed transparencies. The first stage of my creative process consists of making, collecting and preparing primary materials, including my own paintings, drawings, photographs, as well as materials collected from various sources, natural materials such as dirt, grass, sand, dust, feathers, snake skin etc…materials including cuttings and collages made from newspapers, books and magazines, part-completed crossword puzzles, texts - whether excerpts from my own writings, mostly prose poetry, or from other sources ranging from seminal works of philosophy to banal supermarket brochures, which I fragment and deform in various ways depending on the nature of each piece. This material is then scanned, and the resulting digital images are printed onto transparent sheets. These transparencies become one of my “input” materials, which I combine with other elements, including both figurative and abstract cardboard cut-outs, drawings, paintings. I now have hundreds of printed transparencies, which continue to inspire me, driving me to piece them together, i.e. make sense of them. Materials I prepare during the first-stage can sometimes also work as standalone artworks.